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Panavision Federal Systems

Panavision – an industry leader in camera lenses for the film industry for 60 years – realized that its leading edge optics technologies would be an excellent fit for the emerging demands of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications. Our first product was a very long range zoom lens that combines wide-area scanning with the ability to zoom in as much as 15km to activities of interest.

Since 2004, Panavision has fulfilled the Photonics Mast Replacement contract for type 18 periscopes; delivered a mast mounted collimator for dockside testing and adjusting of type 18 systems; and developed the Digital Periscope 360, a full 360-degree situational awareness camera system and fusion display. The Office of Naval Research awarded Panavision a $12.7 million contract for the Affordable Modular Panoramic Mast (AMPM). The APMP will utilize visible, low light SWIR and MWIR cameras arranged for a 360-degree field of view.

Optical Design - Our highly skilled optical design team can produce full optical systems designs ---- specialties include compound zoom lenses, conventional lenses, infrared lenses, relay optics, collimating optics, reflective and refractive optics, prisms/splitters, gratings, and windows.

Mechanical Design - Our experienced engineering staff designs and fabricates customized systems – including optical housings and mechanical structures – as well as products designed for specialized systems requiring precision optical alignment and resistance to extreme operating temperatures.

State-of-the-art machining - Panavision’s storied machining capability is also impressive for its cost efficiency: the ability to reduce costs and reworks, to shorten part fabrication times, and to reduce material waste and storage.

Software Development - In addition to hardware, Panavision Federal Systems delivers control system, stabilization, and image processing software. Our engineering group handles every step of the software development cycle (design, code, integrate, test, debug).

Electronics Engineering - Our electronics engineers design, build, and test electronics for camera control, optical stabilization, focus control, zoom control, signal/data communications, environmental sensor monitoring, and image sensor layout.

Leadership in testing - The Panavision image test lab capability verifies optical requirements to a high degree of accuracy. It uses visible interferometers to verify the surface figure of optical components and transmitted wave-fronts of components and optical assemblies. A separate in-house environmental test lab performs precision testing of thermal, vibration, shock, and acoustic noise.

Panavision Federal Systems 23,000 square-foot main facility houses engineering, the software development lab, and the systems integration and test lab. The nearby support and manufacturing facility devotes 160,000 square feet to engineering, manufacturing, testing, service, and business operations.