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 John Schrimpf has been a force in the Texas motion picture industry for over 30 years. For the past 25 years working for Panavision, Inc. in Dallas he has been providing quality film packages for Texas and International filmmakers, with heart. 
John has worked tirelessly to help incentivize Texas filmmakers to keep business in Texas. Working with both Tom Copeland and now Bob Hudgins at the Texas Film Commission, John has worked to lobby the Texas Legislature to keep Texas 
competitive in the ever changing marketplace. In 2008 and 2009 he served on the Texas Comptrollers Advisory Board and he serves the same function with the Dallas Film Commission. 

A native Texan, after his college years at both TCC and TCU, John discovered a passion for photography through his heavy involvement in the early ‘70s music scene of Fort Worth. That led to a media career with local Dallas TV stations where, after eight years of wearing many hats in local TV production, from directing and editing to sports photography and news gathering, John left to start a freelance career. With a two-year plan to develop a better business base for his freelance career, John took a job with Victor Duncan Inc., a local production equipment rental company and a Panavision agency that later became Panavision Dallas. That two-year "plan" turned into a 25 year career at Panavision where he rose through the ranks to become the General Manager of Dallas and the Vice President of U.S. Regional Operations with additional management of the offices in Houston, New Orleans and Orlando. 

The Dallas office has provided camera packages to some of the world’s most acclaimed cinematographers including Academy Award winners Freddie Francis, BSC, ASC, Chris Menges, ASC, Robert Richardson, ASC and the complete equipment package for Dean Semler, ASC on Dances with Wolves. 

Besides high profile projects, under John’s leadership, he and his staff at Panavision provide camera packages and support to up and coming filmmakers, through awards and grants because, as John says: "Identifying talented young filmmakers and providing access to the latest technology is good for Texas and Panavision. It’s exciting to be involved in the creative process of filmmaking by getting the proper tools in the hands of the filmmakers and by realizing that this is a continual learning exercise, as the process of filmmaking is ever evolving." So whether a filmmaker is paying or has won an award, John and the staff at Panavision Dallas treat the filmmaker with the same respect and professionalism.

It is the proud distinction of the Lone Star International Film Festival, Fort Worth in Sundance Square to present John Schrimpf with the Lone Star International Film Festival Commitment to Texas Award for his unyielding efforts to support and foster the film community within Texas. His efforts continue to directly impact the 
development of Texas into a premier state for film production.