FloatCam DollyCrane HD

The DollyCraneHD is a fantastic multi-use camera movement tool, boasting a variety of fuctions including slider, jib and dolly moves without sacrificing on function or control. With a payload of up to 32kg, the DollyCraneHD is capable of supporting large camera rigs without compromising on stability, safety and most importantly creativity. 


  • ANGLES: allows a wide-range of variable angle operations. No matter how acute the angle
  • DOLLY: the slider rail can be set at almost any angle (max. 60 degrees plus exact vertical 90 degrees movement) and with the counterweight system, the camera can be moved up and down the slider with minimal effort.
  • MINI JIB: it operates a working diameter of 160 cm on the horizontal. The operator can tilt, pan and move the camera 360 degrees around the base tripod.
  • TOWER: With the simple removal and repositioning of two handles, the DollyCrane HD becomes a tower allowing for an exact vertical camera move through the full range of the 160cm track.
  • TABLE TOP: This configuration will broaden even the most creative camera operators capabilities. All the required hardware is included.
  • MOTION CONTROL: Stepper motor with microprocessor controller enables fast and slow manual movements of camera, programmable repeated movements and time-lapses with DSLR camera's shutter and exposure control. (optional)



Maximum payload 70.5lbs  
Rail length 75.0"  
Tracking length 63.0"  
Max height up to 114.0"
(standard 59.0")
Pan angle 360 degrees  
Tilt angle 120 degrees  
Tripod attachment Mitchell / 150mm halfball  
Short transport case H22.0" x W93.0" x D36.0"  
Long transport case H28.0" x W195.0" x D28.0"