Pee Pod

Pee Pod

This lightweight Pee Pod remote camera head offers professional performance and innovative camera movement technology. The system is hassle free and gives the operator a real edge when it comes to producing great shots, all the time.

Capable of comfortably handling camera loads of up to 27kg (60lbs), it offers surprising power and impressive response, giving it a superb level of performance. With its water resistant gear box it performs well even when conditions are less than ideal.

Perfect for situations where either size or weight are restricted, without the need to sacrifice performance and reliability.

Options include

Third axis   Video lens control   Computer interface  
Multiple heads   BNC link   Film lens control  
Joystick   Mitchell mount   RF link  
Hand wheels   Panbar   J Jib mount  
Adjustable limits   Memory playback      


Maximum payload 60.0lbs        
Speed range 2s to 24hrs        
Gearbox weight (each) 4.0lbs        
Gearbox water resistance IP 64        
Head weight n/a        
Power requirements n/a        
Standby current n/a        
Maximum current n/a