Power Pod

Power Pod

The Power Pod 2000 is a powerful remote head offering optional two or three axis control and full motion control programility.

Control Options:

  • Standard or Memory Consoles:
    • Jib Arm Console
    • Joystick Console
  • Pan bar
  • Hand wheels
  • Foot pedals
  • Jib arm controls



Maximum payload (two axis) 200.0lbs        
Maximum payload (three axis) 150.0lbs        
Speed range 2.5s to 37hrs        
Head weight (two axis) 70.0lbs        
Head weight (three axis) 125.0lbs        
Number of slip-rings


3 x BNC 75Ohm
2 x 12V @ 2A for Video
2 x 12V @ 10A peak
Outputs at camera plate


24(48)V @ 15A peak
Zoom output
Focus output
Iris output
Camera Start/Stop
Outputs spare for client's use
Aux 1: two channels - 8A
Aux 2: eight channels - 2A
Mounting base Standard Mitchel        
Link between Head and Controls RS232 9600 bps        
Supply voltage range 21V - 34V DC        
Over / under voltage cut off 18V and 37V DC        
Power of head @ 28 volts 1.7A to 10A peak