Rickshaw Dolly


The Rickshaw Dolly is one of the simplest yet technically most sophisticated camera movement solution. Refined by experience and in a constant exchange of ideas with other grips, operators and cameramen on the set and twinned with ingenious solutions suggested by users around the world

The Rickshaw Dolly is a very flexible and dependable dolly, is highly customisable and adapts to suit both shot requirements and user demads. Its precision construction reduces its overall weight reducing risks and increading ease of use. 


Maximum lens height n/a  
Maximum payload 330.0lbs  
Height of seat 23.6" - 32.7"  
Pushing/pulling bar width 27.5" - 46.7"  
Pushing/pulling bar length 31.5" - 51.2"  
Extension range of foot rest up to 15.2"  
Main wheels 24.0"  
Big feet 21.0"  
Twin wheels 6.0"  
Air pressure of main wheels 40 - 65 psi  
Air pressure of big feet 8.7 psi  
Air pressure of twin wheels 65 - 90 psi  
Breaks Oil-hydraulic disk  
Chassis maximum length n/a  
Chassis width (main wheels) n/a  
Chassis width (big feet) n/a  
Chassis width (twin wheels) n/a  
Minimum turn radius n/a  
Weight without 3rd wheel unit 119.0lbs  
Weight with 3rd wheel unit n/a  
Carrying weight n/a