Scorpio Standard

Scorpio Standard Head

The Scorpio Standard Head is one of the industries most powerful and reliable remote heads with a variety of features including - 

  • All axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll, and Focus, Iris and Zoom if you use the Scorpio Focus) are programmable and repeatable. The system has a bank of 6 memories of 2 minutes each. In the memory you can modify each axis independently.
  • Power supply for Scorpio focus or other popular lens controls.
  • Three control systems are available: Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar.
  • Programmable limits, Damping and Speed adjustment for all axes.
  • Pan and Roll axis have 2 slip rings inside. These slips rings allow a 360º continuous movement. 
  • Options to rig under slung or over slung


Maximum camera weight with 2 axis 176.0lbs        
Maximum camera weight with 3 axis 88.0lbs        
Maximum speed 133° / s        
Rotation Pan & Tilt 360°
Roll +/- 30°
Back pan n/a        
Head weight n/a        
Power requirements 19V - 34V DC        
Standby current n/a        
Maximum current n/a        
Maximum user lens focal n/a        
Set up time n/a